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Vintage Car Hire at Failte Ireland
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Please find below a selection of links to recommended sites that might be of interest, and our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

Vintage Chauffeur Car Hire in Ireland

Vintage Wedding Car Hire in Adare, County Limerick, Ireland

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Hotel Accommodation in Ireland

Five Star Hotel and Golf Resort in Adare, County Limerick, Ireland
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Frequently Asked Questions
(Based on genuine questions from our clients.)

Q. Does the hire rate include insurance?
A. Yes. Our rates include fully comprehensive insurance cover for named drivers.

Q. Can I pay the security deposit in cash?
A. No. We require a credit card for the security deposit.

Q. Will the security deposit be debited from my card?
A. No. The security deposit will be deducted from your available funds by your card provider and made available to us as a pre-authorisation. We will cancel the pre-authorisation on completion of the rental. It will take up to 5 days for the security deposit to be cleared from your card. Security deposits can be paid using a debit card but clearance of the deposit may take up to two weeks.

Q. Can I pay the hire rate in cash?
A. Yes. Please do. However we also accept credit card and debit card payments (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards).

Q. Where are you located?
A. We are located approximately 5 miles from Adare in County Limerick. We can give precise directions before your visit.

Q. What happens if the car breaks down?
A. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with the car, we would ask that you first contact us and we can offer advice over the phone. The hire rate includes full AA breakdown cover and expert assistance is normally no more than 45 minutes away.

Q. How long does it take to complete the payment process and test drive?
A. We would ask all customers to allow up to 30 minutes to complete the check-in process, test drive and demonstration of the convertible roof operation (where applicable).

Q. What happens if I donít demonstrate adequate competence to drive the car during the test drive?
A. It is most unlikely that you will Ďfailí the test!! As long as you have the driving experience required under our Terms and Conditions you should be ok. If you are a complete autonautical disaster then weíll give you your money back and the Hertz telephone number.

Q. Are the classic cars easy to drive?
A. Yes. You just need to allow slightly longer breaking distances and remember that there is no power steering. The cars are well balanced and drive as well as modern cars.

Q. Do I need to wear my seventies gear?
A. You can if you want. We would suggest tucking your flairs into your socks to avoid tangles with the peddles.

Q. Seriously, what should I wear?
A. We would suggest you bring a hat and wind-proof coat if you fancy topless motoring. Even on warm days it can get a bit chilly without the hat. Shades make you look cooler as well.

Q. Do the cars come in other colours?
A.  Weíre afraid not. We would need a bigger garage if we had a range of colours for each car...not to mention a Microsoft budget.

Q. Are trackers really fitted to the cars?
A. Yes. We have real time tracking for insurance purposes. We would ask that all customers stay within speed limits and drive with due care and attention. If you do exceed any speed limits or show unruly behaviour on our screen we will automatically detonate a small explosive device via GSM which will drop all the doors, flip the bonnet and boot, the wheels will fall off and the exhaust will backfire (think Laurel and Hardy). So be warned!

Q. Old cars normally leak a bit in the rain, do yours?
A. Yes, they do a little, but that is all part of the character of the car. The occasional drip might land on you but it will not spoil your enjoyment.

Q. Can I use the convertible roof in the winter?
A. Yes. However, cold weather makes the fabric and flexible clear screens very brittle. We will advise if we consider it inappropriate to use the roof to prevent any damage.

Q. I'm a bit of a fusspot and like everything just perfect with my cars. I don't fancy the prospect of poor heating and I don't cope well with mechanical faults. Am I the type of person that should rent a 45 year old classic car?
A. No. You need an open mind for classic car motoring. If you want a car that drives, feels and performs like a new car, go to Hertz or Avis.

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Five Star Service from Classic Car Hire Ireland
Five Star Service from Classic Car Hire Ireland
Five Star Service from Classic Car Hire Ireland
Five Star Service from Classic Car Hire Ireland
Five Star Service from Classic Car Hire Ireland
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